Draconian Immigration laws in Alabama and Georgia receive mute reaction


Latina Immigrants demonstrating in March

The word ‘Mute’ has been redefined by the GOP lately.  Each one of the candidates skittering around a host of issues except the huge elephant in the room that is currently affecting desperate families; Immigration Reform Laws.

GOP candidates ranted on about various economic packages claiming to hold the solution  to the current unemployment crisis; I waited in vain to hear what if anything any of the candidates would say about the ongoing drama unfolding in Alabama and Georgia. Mute!  Complete and utter avoidance of anything in regard to the current immigration laws being enforced in Alabama and Georgia.  2000 kids did not show up to school in Monday morning. Nothing was addressed about that. Families preparing for the worst and asking neighbors to take care of their loved ones should they suddenly be arrested and again, Nothing. Nary a word on this was mentioned last night in the GOP debate. Not even a hint or insinuation in reference to this topic.

Is this a reflection of times to come? Have we perfected the art of ignoring that which does not directly affect us. Staying mute on matters that might be too complicated for our short attention spans.  Saying nothing. Doing nothing. It is becoming an all too familiar phenomenon. There are signs however that there are those among us who are noticing this and are simply fed up. These are the men and women demonstrating in a fashion reminiscent of the civil right movement outside Wall Street.

Perhaps it’s time we shamed our leadership into doing the jobs they are elected to do. The main problem is that most are thinking that a lot of responsible people are somewhere trying to resolve their problems. Gandhi said it best, ‘be the change you want to see in the world.’ If you want change, if you see something wrong, you should get up and be the change.

The GOP candidates conspicuously avoided the immigration question and it is no surprise then that very little of what is going on in Alabama and Georgia is being highlighted.

The Newtonian principal, every action has an equal and opposite reaction definitely rings true here. For every action taken to displace families the reaction will definitely be experienced in the communities.  Food prices will be affected due to lack of laborers. Families will be separated due to arrests and deportation. What will happen to the children once the families are separated? Tax payers-You-will realize you have to house all those immigrants you have arrested and then you will complain. Small businesses will be affected due to loss of customer base, which in turn will contribute to the rise in unemployment.

Why is insistence on the myopic perspective in regard to Immigration?


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