Going for Gold…Diaspora in Higher Education.



Being a Diaspora presents a host of challenges but also gives a  sense of determination to make it in the land of dreams where all is possible. It is no surprise then that according to a resent survey released in August 2012 by the US Department of Education, 23% of all undergraduate enrollment in 2007-2008 consisted of immigrants or children of immigrants.


Going for Gold means going for the best there is. Members of the Diaspora knows that only hard work and determination can get you there. In the current economic times where joblessness and budget shortfalls reign supreme, it is ever more important to get the right skills that will net you the right job. In the same survey, it was clear that income level of parents did not seem to significantly influence rate of attendance. This means if you are determined to go to school, you can go and lack of income should not be a deterrent to attendance. Taking advantage of financial aid, grants and scholarships have helped get diaspora to achieve their goals.

Being a diaspora means you understand the challenges that led to your being here in the first place and being willing to put in the work to get to gold.




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