Diaspora Rumblings……10 Things in the Triangle

Fayetteville St Raleigh, NC

Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, NC

So now I am living in North Carolina and have taken to driving around occasionally to know the area. As I herd my car in the general direction of where most cars are headed I can’t help but notice the following 10 things thus far:

  1. There lots and lots of churches in North Carolina… Driving for a period of 15 minutes I counted 5 churches. Possible business idea?
  2. Lots of Lots of BB&T Bank terminals. Just one more try… you might get lucky and get some more money out.
  3. The heat in the summer tested my seasoned  Minnesota niceness. Time to move a little slower and take my time.
  4. Who in the world is planning the sidewalks? While running on the sidewalk,  I suddenly ran into a wall of trees, with nothing but highway to consider as an option. There was nowhere to go but back home.
  5. Why couldn’t the streets just be numbered? How am I supposed to remember all these names?
  6. Trees! Trees! Trees!  It’s so green! Oh wait what does that building say? Dangit, A tree is blocking the building name.
  7.  Taking a serene walk in the park, I ran into signs nailed to trees warning me of possible Copperheads in the area……Looks like my home is serene after all.
  8. Went to an African Festival in Raleigh last month. It was great! The Kenyan Group performing gymnastics was awesome. The African Children’s choir was inspiring too. Nothing but pleasure here.
  9. Had to go to court for some…uuheemm..personal business.. Not a lot of Diaspora here but a puzzling air of festivity…I learned so much in 40 minutes…mmhh!!
  10. Went to an Indian Restaurant  in Cary, and right in the middle of a meal, a Caucasian girl came out and belly danced awkwardly for the clientage for 30 minutes. Talk about a Jack in the Box moment!!

Looking forward to more exploration in my Diaspora adventures.